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    Top Celebrity Management Companies in India August 21, 2017

    List of Top Celebrity Management Companies in India, Bollywood celebrity management companies, Artist management companies India, artist management Delhi.

    Celebrities today have an unbelievable huge fan following in India and across the globe. The perception of Celebrity PR in India is still very less understood. Today managing a celebrity or an artist’s portfolio is equivalent to creating and managing a brand.

    Today businesses understand the power of celebrities to elevate the popularity and visibility of their brands in public. Following listed companies aim to act as a bridge between your business and the stars.

    Their team can provide highest value to your clients to reach to the top of their industries.

    List of Top Celebrity Management Companies in India

    In the current scenario businesses need Celebrities for various events such as launch of a product in the market, inauguration ceremony of offices, jewelry launch, fashion shows , road shows, international events, social causes etc.

    Top List of Top Celebrity Management Companies in India
    1 https://www.facebook.com/RhitiSports/
    2 http://princepromoters.blogspot.in/
    3 https://www.facebook.com/WEEZINDIA/
    4 http://prachar.in/portfolio/celebrity-managment/
    6 http://www.phoenixlive.in/
    7 http://www.yogeentertainment.com/
    8 http://pearlentertainment.in/
    9 http://www.attrievents.com/
    10 http://andtheninc.com/
    11 http://www.canvastalent.com/
    12 http://vibesentertainment.in/celebrity-management/
    13 http://www.cine-dreams.com/celebrity-management.html
    14 http://www.whitehorseevent.com/artist.html
    15 http://www.bignoise.in/
    16 http://cineyug.com/artist-management.html
    17 http://mgmh.net/about-us/
    18 http://krunklive.com/about-us/
    19 http://vibesentertainment.in/celebrity-management/
    20 http://www.approachentertainment.com/
    21 http://www.spunkentertainment.com/
    22 http://dazzlingentertainment.com/
    23 http://www.promosapiens.co.in/
    25 http://www.isranientertainment.com/
    26 http://www.shadsevents.com/celebritymanagement.html
    27 http://www.exevoevents.com/celebrity_management.html
    28 http://www.starlighttalents.com/
    29 http://www.btownindia.com/
    30 http://thriftizer.com/wow/blog_2.php
    31 http://cornerstone.in/
    33 http://www.markentertainment.in/
    34 http://www.aspirepr.in/celebrity-management/
    37 http://championscelebrity.com/
    38 https://www.facebook.com/shrutibansal03/
    39 http://www.media9.in/about.html
    40 http://bookeventartist.com/contact-us/
    41 https://www.facebook.com/enigmaemc/
    43 https://www.facebook.com/TeamKatalytz/
    44 http://trzy.in/celebrity-arist-management/
    45 https://www.facebook.com/radianzentertainmentz/
    46 https://www.facebook.com/CelebrityManagement/
    47 https://www.facebook.com/bollywoodeventsindia/
    48 http://www.kritithecreation.com/Artistmanagement.aspx
    49 https://www.facebook.com/media9.in/

    Note – This list has been made just to make your work easier. We don’t recommend any company personally & names have been selected randomly through online research.

    They can help businesses in managing, sourcing and inviting celebrities, organizing press conferences, one to one interaction with media, select media meet, piece to radio channels and television interviews, giving end to end communication.

    They also help to create best marketing strategy and provide high credibility to your business. In this age of Digital Marketing, it is “Celebrities that make Brand OR Brand that make Celebrities.”

    For more names visit this link

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